Asagraum: Interview and playlist

Our Spotify playlist for September comes courtesy of Asagraum, and despite busy days and nights preparing the long awaited second album “Dawn of Infinite Fire”, vocalist and songwriter Obscura took some time out to answer a few questions in regards to her playlist. Interviewed by Johnny Døden for ECP. Avé Hanna. Your chosen tracks for […]

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A conversation with Kristoffer Vold of Lydia Laska

This conversation took place at a sidewalk café in Oslo, and during that hour, a young man in a red suit passed by, and a car with one of those special made license plates…the ones that cost about 9000 NOK, and it read “NO WIFE”. At least it’s better than “NO WI-FI”. But now we […]

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Today Lydia Laska reveale the brand new video for “Brainmelt” at heavily trafficked web-portal Cvlt Nation. The track is the second single to be revealed from the band’s highly anticipated second album, Ego Death, which is set for European release on October 5th and North American release on October 26th, both through Edged Circle Productions. “Brainmelt” features

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