Dreadful Fate

Hailing from Sweden, Dreadful Fate is a new entity sworn to the evil sounds of early days of Death and Thrash metal. Comprised of 4 unnamed artists, but rest assured, these are not newbies to the scene. Quite on the contrary. December 1st Edged Circle Production will...


Putrisect / Scorched "Final State of Existence" split LP coming April 2016. US Death Metal. More info soon...


Putrisect / Scorched "Final State of Existence" split LP coming April 2016. US Death Metal. More info soon...

Magick Touch

Magick Touch explore the mystery and magic of the hard rock riff, a cosmic entity that has amused and frightened mankind for ages. By utilising the unholy trinity of electric guitar, thunderous bass and explosive drums, the band seeks to evoke and further enhance the...


Edged Circle Productions is proud to present the debut album of a newcomer who'll soon be spoken of far and wide: Sepulcher's Mausoleum Tapestry. Formed in 2013, Sepulcher are a nameless crew of Norwegians from Fusa, and Mausoleum Tapestry is the band's very first...


Formed in the cold wastelands of Russia in 2009, Sickrites became quickly acknowledged in the underground scene with several split 7"EPs and their first full length LP "Irreverent Death Megaliths" released by Cryptic Visions Arts and later in 2014 released by Osmose...


Athens Wargoat keeps pushing the limit for extremity since 2006. After 2 demos, a double split 7"EP through Bleak Bone Mortualia and a 7"EP through Kill Yourself Productions, Wargoat stands ready to unleash new abominations upon us. This year sees the return with a...


The Death metal entity known as NOMINON formed back in 1993 by Juha Sulasalmi and Peter Nilsson. In the following years, several demo cassettes were released and the band became further known within the Swedish Underground. The first NOMINON show…


Morbosidad remains to this day on its peak and after countless of releases they are as deadly a force as ever. Despite the bands tragic history with 2 band members dead, 1 in a rehearsal room explosion and the other falling out of a building, Morbosidad…

Deathcult (nor)

Norwegian Black Metal in its most evil manifesting form. Featuring Skagg, Hoest and Thurzur from westcoast Norway. After two already released albums as part of a trilogy, the final part is now in process of recording and completes the triangle of flames…

Infernal Manes

From the western shores of Norway comes Infernal Manes, delivering heavy metal to the selected hordes who still swear oath to the glory days! Formed in the mid '90s, the band played a handful of exclusive shows and quickly gathered a diehard following in the darkest...


AMOK spawned in 2000 as a death/grind/thrash metal unit. The aim was from the beginning to bring back the doomsday holocaust from the 80’s. Musical inspiration was bands like Autopsy, Beherit, VON, Master’s Hammer, Sadistik Exekution, Carcass, Blasphemy and old...


Formed in the remote corner of Fusa, Norway, Reptilian came gushing out like a stream of fresh blood onto the scene with its split 7"EP with fellow Death Thrashing warriors Inculter through Unborn Productions in 2012. After countless concerts and festival appearances,...


Edged Circle Productions is proud to present the highly anticipated debut album of Inculter, Persisting Devolution, to be released on both vinyl and CD formats. Originally discovered by Edged Circle label head Iscariah (Immortal, Necrophagia), Inculter are a...

Reptilian - Perennial Void Traverse CD/LP

Obscure Death Metal from the Norwegian womb of no return! CD / LP / LP LIM White vinyl OUT NOW!!


Magick Touch - Electrick Sorcery

Hard Rock just got harder! Check the great debut album from these newcomers! Come with a free CD version. OUT NOW!


Amok Picture Disc out now!

Features MYSTICUM and ex-IMMORTAL member
Picture Disc w/ cover.
24″x24″ poster
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Putrisect / Scorched - split MLP

Complete Death Metal attack from these underground activists. Brand new material from both bands.


Sickrites / Wargoat - split 7||EP

Forged in blood and honor come Russian death metal godz Sickrites with new material with Mike Browning on guest-vocals and greek black metal thunder Wargoat. Prepare for total WAR!